um, hi?


you’re trapped here too, huh?


Who are you?

I'm Emilia!

How long
have you been here?

not long...

the... whatever they are... said i have to find three things for them? but I have literally
no idea-

Yes, their
three tasks...

the fey trap
people who stumble into this place....

tempting us
with a chance to get
out, using us for entertainment....

they’re near impossible if you don’t know what you’re doing.

I’ll help you,
if you take me with you when you get out

why can’t you just do that yourself?

I've been... trapped here for a while...

stay in this place too long and it sucks away your strength...

you end up
like... this

but i know this place better now.

if I help you find things, tell you what to do...

well what If I don’t want to leave?

it’s not like my life is any better out there...

you have to.


swear it

okay! I'll try.


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